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validate your business idea in just two months


What is it?

Come with your idea, and in 2 months you and your team will be startup founders. Sounds too good to be true? Not really. Our network of business development gurus, growth hackers, design thinking pros, and sales masters will navigate you through the basics of building a company. All you need is an idea you believe in!

Who can apply?

Teams of at least 2 people (but the more, the merrier) 

At least one team member must be a student


What to expect?

60 intensive days filled with various workshops and learning sessions, as well as live meetups and networking to sharpen your business skills (mostly during evenings). The rest of the time, be the boss of yourself: plan individual meetings with mentors and report the progress. In conclusion, you'll be able to show off your first MVP and your pitching skills among the other teams and the jury. Any guidance you might need, our team will be there to help and make sure you're getting exactly what you came for.


Why you should apply?

"The program and its mentors have genuinely taught us what it means to develop an idea and create a company out of it. I would say the most fascinating revelations were how you must create multiple plans, pivot when difficulty arises and how the timeline for the plans shifts before your eyes."

- Emīls Egle, CEO at Saubram

"Although ESI provides many lectures and workshops, it's super important to mention that the team members behind this program are like a family! This whole experience would not be the same without the Program Director and Manager. They are like two moms who always check in with you, support you and join you in your adventures. Trust us - this is not your average incubator!"

- Sāra Zdanovska, 
CEO at YourLibet

"The ESI programme has allowed us to develop the idea not only on a theoretical business level but also provided financial support for developing product samples and even for market testing. We definitely recommend it to everyone who has the self-motivation to work every day to make an idea into reality"

- Elvija Vanaga,

CEO at Fat Cat Leaves

"ESI incubator provided an opportunity to meet world-class mentors and participate in interactive workshops allowing us to future develop our solution."

- Valters Slava,

CEO at Greencheck



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